Confirmation for Youth
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John Wesley's Rule


Use the "John Wesley's Rule" handout, poster, or slide with each session's "Closing Ritual."

Note: You may have noticed that the version of Wesley's Rule that appears on page 54 of the Credo Confirmation Guide for Parents, Mentors, and Adult Leaders is slightly different than the one featured here and in the Director's Tools binder. As we explain in the binder, while this rule has been popular among United Methodists (and Methodists before them) for decades, we have no evidence that John Wesley actually said it. Over the years it has been passed down, the rule has assumed different versions, each of which say basically the same thing but differ in their wording. The version in the Guide for Parents, Mentors, and Adult Leaders, which doesn't include "At all the times you can" is one version; the version in the Director's Tools is another. We apologize for the discrepancy.